Look me in the eyes 

I like it when he looks me in the eyes, grabs my ass and kisses me gently. Hand behind my head, pulling it down with my hair.

Something animalistic about it. Rough but sensual. And sometimes he gets rougher. Just enough to make me real wet.

Flashbacks of sitting on top of him. Grinding hard.His hands on my hips. Pushing me down on his hard errection. My cum coming out of me. His breath fast and hard. Those eyes eating me. Wild and wanting more. 

I loose myself when he looks at me like that. It’s sensual. Desire. Want. Lust. Passion. Not just fucking. Not just having sex. It’s the kind that feeds the insides of you. 

You can fuck anyone. But on rare occasions you meet someone, and fucking them feeds the animal inside of you. Satisfies the hunger. The ache. 

I crave and wait patiently till next time. 

Next time when he looks down at me. Smiles. Kisses me. Long arms taking me in fully. His smell surrounds me. I feel his chest pressed against my aching breasts. Wanting to be sucked and licked by the tongue and lips they so desire. 

Soon … 


When Red and Mr Grey had steamy hot sex 

I am shaking. I shoultnt be. But here I am shaking like a leaf. Mr Grey should arrive any minute now. As soon as the lights come up the drive way my heart will jump and my breathing will stop. We haven’t seen eachother in over 2 months. Last time he spanked me. Over the bonnet of his sexy car. It hurt. And I liked it. 

Then there was the fight. I said some things he didn’t like. He cut me out. He blocked me out of his life. I accepted it. It hurt. But I accepted it. Then out of the blue. He sent me a text. If I miss him. As soon as I saw the text I knew he was back. I would let him back in. I would make him apologise. To my face. Look into my eyes and tell me he was sorry for being an ass to me. 

But for the rest of the day I was smirking like a cat who got the milk it wanted. 

Here I am standing in the hall. Sitting on the stairs like the first time. Only this time I know how he feels inside of me. I ache for his lips on mine. His hands on me. Those eyes looking straight through me. 

Black tight short dress with spaghetti straps. Black lacey bra, panties and stockings. Black classic heels. Grey long cardigan over. My hair is straight and just minium amount of make up. I never wear too much make up. Just enough to highlight my eyes. 

He is here. I gasp for air. I smile. What is it about Mr Grey that gets me all excited?? 

Must be that devilish smirking as he walks down from the car towards me. Looking handsome in his suit. He looks  straight into my eyes, his eyes taking in what I am wearing.The left eye brow goes up and I know I’ve done well. I have the approval. He is smirking and smiling. There’s that twinkle in his eyes. I am like a child who is jumping up and down with excitement. 

I am smiling from ear to ear.  He is smiling. 

“Well hello there. Fancy seeing you here. ” I say grinning. 

“I like Donegal for some reason.”

We are both standing in my entrance hall. 

“So have you something to say to me ?” I say trying very hard to look serious, all the while wanting to just kiss him. 

He looks straight at me.”I am sorry. ”  Wow he said it. Not many men like him would apologise. I am flattered and honestly relived. He isn’t an ass. He might have behaved like one, but he isn’t a bad apple. 

“I am sorry I didn’t hear that.” I am smiling like the devil.  ” I am sorry. ”  I can’t contain myself from smiling from ear to ear. 

He crosses the hall in what seems one step. His lips are on mine. I am shaking. I am kissing him and smiling. His arms around my waist holding me tight. My arms automatically holding him. I feel his hard errection pressing against me. I want him so bad. He starts taking off my grey cardigan. It’s sticking to me. “I am nervous like the first time we met.” “Why are you nervous Red?” ” Because it’s you. Haven’t seen you in ages.” Finally the cardigan is off. We walk upstairs. Never taking his hands off me. Standing in my bedroom he takes off his suit coat. Don’t want to stop kissing him. He takes off my dress. Sits down. I am standing in front of him. Looking down on him. I smile and put my hands on my hips. I am feeling sexy. He takes everything off. Stands up. I wrap myself around him. Kissing him. In one swoop he picks me up. Legs wrapped around him. Gently placing me on the bed. Lips tongues twirling teasing. His hard errection pressed against me. I want him inside of me. 

Reds passion or is it lust 

Lust. Passion.  Is there a difference?? 

Lust is wanting someone. To have sex with them, then walking away. No strings attached. 

Can passion work the same?? Have incredible sex with the person, then walk away.  When does it become passion. When the two people are so attracted to one another, they feed of one another. Teasing. That look they give eachother.

I wonder. Is there deeper feelings involved.

Red and Mr Grey. They have passion between them. They have amazing sex for hours. Feeding of one another’s sexual cravings. Never going out of sync. Then as soon they part, they feel satisfaction. Physically. Mentally. And emotionally. That void has been filled.Is that just lust or passion or more ?? 


Reds first meet with Mr Grey

This is the post excerpt.

“Is he hot?” My close friend asked giggling on the phone. 

“Yes he is. I have to go now.” I said half giggling back, half already hanging up.

I was standing in my door.

Grey tight dress. Black stockings. Black heels. Black bra and panties.

I had broken all the rules. He had broken all of his rules also. No coffee meet no talking on the phone. He came straight to my house. After a week of texting. And a 3 hour drive.

I am crazy for doing this, I kept saying this to myself for 4 days after agreeing he would come over.

There he was getting out of his sexy car, grey suit on like he promised.

He walked down the drive.

Our eyes locked. You know when you get a fright and you feel as if you stopped breathing for a second?? Yeah that was me. I stopped breathing when our eyes met. He started smiling. Cheeky devilish smile.

” Sorry that was my bestie making sure you aren’t a serial killer.”

” Oh right. Well I am not.”

He walked past me into the hall.

His aftershave hit me like a brick. But you want to be hit by it.

I closed the door. Locked it. Back against it. Before I can even blink his lips are on mine. Hands on either side of my head holding it.

What did I get myself into ??

Soft yet demanding. Invading my mouth with his taste, my body automatically moulds to his. I am tingling and my legs are jelly. I have never been kissed like this so far. 34 years old and I feel as if I am being kissed for the first time. Who is this stranger??

His left hand pulls my dress up.

Hand in my panties. Oh good grief I am in trouble now. I am like a scared little rabbit. He finds what he is looking for. I gasp for air.

“I couldn’t wait. I wanted to see how wet you are. You didn’t disappoint.”

What is he doing to me? Ive just met him,not even 2 minutes ago, and he has me melting in his arms. With just kissing me. I will ignore the burning and this new ache I have down there. Its probably because I havent been with anyone in over 10 weeks.

I move towards the living room. He follows. Never unlocking our lips. I start undoing his tie, coat off, shirt, my dress flies off, his trousers, now I can see the big bulge I’ve felt through his trousers.

I am grinning like an idiot in my head.

He pushes me on my back, spreads my legs, takes off my panties.

His head is between my legs, he looks straight at me.

Oh sweet Gods help me.

Both hands on my hips, looking straight at me, buries his tongue in me. Wet,warm and like a snake he forges his way. My mind is racing. My breath is quick. That ache is there. Needs caressed. Where did it come from?? He pushes my legs up, close to my head. Never taking his tongue out. Our eyes still locked together. I am putty in his hands. I can’t stop myself from getting close to the edge.I can’t. What is he doing to me.I push him off.

He gets up,standing up right in front of me. I take off his boxers.Impressively big and hard.

I want to lick and suck. Like a lollipop. Pushing me on my back, he climbs ontop of me. Slowly parting my legs. Where his tongue was a minute ago, it’s become even more hot and wet.

The tip of his errection just touching me. Slowly, so so slowly he pushes in. My body is on fire. My skin is tingling. My breath has altogether stopped. Anticipating.

“Oh sweet Red you are one surprise after another. Fuck you feel soo good.”

I am laying on my back, with a stranger between my legs, in my living room, his ass pointing to the ceiling. Slowly starting to fuck me. Making me feel alive. This side of me I have never known to exist, what has he done? What is he doing. Oh I am wanting more. If this is what sex is supposed to be like, I am wanting more and more.

Slowly thrusting in me, his arms on me, my legs wrapped around him, his face buried in my neck, heavy breathing from both us. Feeling every slow pulling out and slow thrust in me. His cock fits perfectly, making my pussy, my body react like it never has before.Savouring every thrust, over and over again. He pulls out. Sits down, I get up, my skin sticking to the couch.Smiling, sweat beads on his forehead, I lower myself onto him. Sit up. One hand on my hip. The other he grabs my neck. Wait what ??

Is he trying to dominate me fully?? Or is this because we talked about pushing boundaries??

I havent let any man,in the past,do the things he has done to me in the last hour. What is it about him I feel I can trust ??

His hand around my neck. I slowly start to move back and forward. Our eyes locked. He squeezes gently.I gasp. I feel I am getting wetter by the second.This is such a turn on. He knows exactly what he is doing.Ive soaked his legs. But I haven’t cum. Anytime I am close to it, I stop. Teasing myself, teasing him. Sweat on my back. He is burning up. I can’t get enough. I want more. My movements get quicker then slowing down. His hand still on my neck. Squeezing. His hold is getting tighter. I am really gasping for air. I am starting to panic.

Panic lasted couple of spilt seconds. My pussy got tighter. I felt it. I moved faster. So close to the edge. I need to cum. I want to. He let’s go. Falling onto him, breathing hard and fast. My mouth is dry. Has been for a long while now. My blood pressure is up. We get up. Both naked walk up the stairs. I am in front of him. His arms around my waist. Feeling his errection on my ass. We get ontop of the landing. Pushing me against the door to the hotpress, spreads my legs and thrusts his still very hard errection into me. Gathers my hair and yanks it back hard. Thrust after thrust he brings me quickly to the edge. I soo want to cum. My body is wet. Sweat. Wetness between my legs. I am moaning loud. Thank goodness the neighbours aren’t home. I need to lie down. I am lightheaded. To think I haven’t cum yet. Neither has he.

I have high blood pressure,when I get angry or very very excited.Walk slowly into my bedroom. So glad I have a kingsize. Even though I dont share it with anyone.

Laughing,smiling and giggling. We both catch our breath. We had “plans” what we would do. Yeah they flew out the window. Something about him I want more. As we are talking, I am laying on my belly.He gets ontop of me from behind. Slightly parting my legs, slowly pushing his cock in me. I can’t believe we are still going at it. It’s been a while since he arrived. Pushing my head down. His head next to mine.

Slowly starting to fuck me. How can he be hard still.

“Red I want to know all about your naughty times. Have You got anything to tell me??”

“Have I told you about my time in boarding school??The time I fucked 3 girls??”

“Oh you naughty girl. Yes tell me all about it.”

I am soo going to enjoy telling him. Till now I haven’t told anyone. It’s been my dirty little secret. Boarding school. 200 girls. And me.