Look me in the eyes 

I like it when he looks me in the eyes, grabs my ass and kisses me gently. Hand behind my head, pulling it down with my hair.

Something animalistic about it. Rough but sensual. And sometimes he gets rougher. Just enough to make me real wet.

Flashbacks of sitting on top of him. Grinding hard.His hands on my hips. Pushing me down on his hard errection. My cum coming out of me. His breath fast and hard. Those eyes eating me. Wild and wanting more. 

I loose myself when he looks at me like that. It’s sensual. Desire. Want. Lust. Passion. Not just fucking. Not just having sex. It’s the kind that feeds the insides of you. 

You can fuck anyone. But on rare occasions you meet someone, and fucking them feeds the animal inside of you. Satisfies the hunger. The ache. 

I crave and wait patiently till next time. 

Next time when he looks down at me. Smiles. Kisses me. Long arms taking me in fully. His smell surrounds me. I feel his chest pressed against my aching breasts. Wanting to be sucked and licked by the tongue and lips they so desire. 

Soon … 


Author: redunicorn582

Young Red Head Kinky Minx blogging about her Sexual escapades

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