When Red and Mr Grey had steamy hot sex 

I am shaking. I shoultnt be. But here I am shaking like a leaf. Mr Grey should arrive any minute now. As soon as the lights come up the drive way my heart will jump and my breathing will stop. We haven’t seen eachother in over 2 months. Last time he spanked me. Over the bonnet of his sexy car. It hurt. And I liked it. 

Then there was the fight. I said some things he didn’t like. He cut me out. He blocked me out of his life. I accepted it. It hurt. But I accepted it. Then out of the blue. He sent me a text. If I miss him. As soon as I saw the text I knew he was back. I would let him back in. I would make him apologise. To my face. Look into my eyes and tell me he was sorry for being an ass to me. 

But for the rest of the day I was smirking like a cat who got the milk it wanted. 

Here I am standing in the hall. Sitting on the stairs like the first time. Only this time I know how he feels inside of me. I ache for his lips on mine. His hands on me. Those eyes looking straight through me. 

Black tight short dress with spaghetti straps. Black lacey bra, panties and stockings. Black classic heels. Grey long cardigan over. My hair is straight and just minium amount of make up. I never wear too much make up. Just enough to highlight my eyes. 

He is here. I gasp for air. I smile. What is it about Mr Grey that gets me all excited?? 

Must be that devilish smirking as he walks down from the car towards me. Looking handsome in his suit. He looks  straight into my eyes, his eyes taking in what I am wearing.The left eye brow goes up and I know I’ve done well. I have the approval. He is smirking and smiling. There’s that twinkle in his eyes. I am like a child who is jumping up and down with excitement. 

I am smiling from ear to ear.  He is smiling. 

“Well hello there. Fancy seeing you here. ” I say grinning. 

“I like Donegal for some reason.”

We are both standing in my entrance hall. 

“So have you something to say to me ?” I say trying very hard to look serious, all the while wanting to just kiss him. 

He looks straight at me.”I am sorry. ”  Wow he said it. Not many men like him would apologise. I am flattered and honestly relived. He isn’t an ass. He might have behaved like one, but he isn’t a bad apple. 

“I am sorry I didn’t hear that.” I am smiling like the devil.  ” I am sorry. ”  I can’t contain myself from smiling from ear to ear. 

He crosses the hall in what seems one step. His lips are on mine. I am shaking. I am kissing him and smiling. His arms around my waist holding me tight. My arms automatically holding him. I feel his hard errection pressing against me. I want him so bad. He starts taking off my grey cardigan. It’s sticking to me. “I am nervous like the first time we met.” “Why are you nervous Red?” ” Because it’s you. Haven’t seen you in ages.” Finally the cardigan is off. We walk upstairs. Never taking his hands off me. Standing in my bedroom he takes off his suit coat. Don’t want to stop kissing him. He takes off my dress. Sits down. I am standing in front of him. Looking down on him. I smile and put my hands on my hips. I am feeling sexy. He takes everything off. Stands up. I wrap myself around him. Kissing him. In one swoop he picks me up. Legs wrapped around him. Gently placing me on the bed. Lips tongues twirling teasing. His hard errection pressed against me. I want him inside of me. 


Author: redunicorn582

Young Red Head Kinky Minx blogging about her Sexual escapades

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