Reds passion or is it lust 

Lust. Passion.  Is there a difference?? 

Lust is wanting someone. To have sex with them, then walking away. No strings attached. 

Can passion work the same?? Have incredible sex with the person, then walk away.  When does it become passion. When the two people are so attracted to one another, they feed of one another. Teasing. That look they give eachother.

I wonder. Is there deeper feelings involved.

Red and Mr Grey. They have passion between them. They have amazing sex for hours. Feeding of one another’s sexual cravings. Never going out of sync. Then as soon they part, they feel satisfaction. Physically. Mentally. And emotionally. That void has been filled.Is that just lust or passion or more ?? 



Author: redunicorn582

Young Red Head Kinky Minx blogging about her Sexual escapades

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